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Hollie and I have some fun

Taiko Japanese Drummers

I had a phone call from Hollie’s father a few days ago.

“Hi Steph, have you heard of Taiko Japanese drumming?”

“Erm…… no I don’t think so”

“Are you sure, you’ve never seen it on television or anything?”

“No, I haven’t…. why?”

“Well there’s a concert on Monday evening, I thought you and Hollie could go together, alone, just the two of you. Did she not mention it? I think you and Hollie need to spend some time together. Why don’t you ask Hollie if she’d like to go. I’ve got a form here to get tickets”

“Oh… right. Ok I’ll ask her if she’d like to go then”

“Yes, good idea, she’ll like that….. just the two of you yes?”

I stared at the phone. What was that all about? Of all the things we could do together a Japanese drumming concert? And why does he think Hollie and I need to spend time together anyway? I thought we were all happy the way things are. We do go out, what does he mean?

I went downstairs and Hollie was in the kitchen making a drink. She had her back to me.

“Hi Hollie …. would you like to go to a Japanese drumming thing with me?”

She turned around looking slightly baffled “No, not particularly, why?

“Oh nothing, doesn’t matter” I started to walk away.

“Wait Mum…. do you want us to go?”

I paused and then said “Actually yes Hollie I do, I would really like to”

The day of the concert arrived. We left home nice and early. The hall was still empty when we arrived. I chose some seats in the middle of the very front row. Hollie sank down into her seat cringing. “Mum please can we sit at the back?” “No Holls, we’re really close to the stage here, we want to get the full experience!!” The hall soon filled up. I made a new friend too. The large smiley man next to me picked up my camera and told me to go on stage and pretend I was playing the drums. I went quite red and offered to take a photo of him instead. He roared with laughter. He was in high spirits throughout the entire performance, cheerfully shouting encouragement and leaping to his feet occasionally. He clapped along enthusiastically glancing around to make sure we were all having as much fun as he was. He was especially delighted when we were taught some Japanese which we had to sing during the Japanese fishing folk song.

The concert was extraordinary. The vibrations pulsated through my entire body, it felt as though my heart had stopped beating. I was mesmerised. The drummers shouted out Japanese words in very loud high voices as they danced and whirled around the drums like warriors, flinging their drumsticks high into the air. We all went wild; whistling, screaming and cheering. When the concert came to an end we clapped, cheered and whooped long after they had left the hall.

Although it was quite late, Hollie and I were still buzzing and didn’t feel like going straight home. “I know!” I said excitedly as I swung the car round and hurtled down some country lanes “let’s go and see Annette and Paul”. Paul is a dairy farmer so it was possible that he’d still be out calving anyway.

Annette was pleased to see us and poured me a large glass of wine and Hollie some coke. Paul had to go and check the cows. A few minutes later he phoned us to say a calf had just been born and would we like to go and see it. Are you joking? Of COURSE we would! Tottering through the cow pats in my unsuitable shoes and dress, we crept into the field. In the corner sheltering under a tree was the new mum and her baby! We silently gazed in awe at the brand new calf , mum tearing off the sac and nudging her to her feet. We laughed as she collapsed, then tried again to stand up on her wobbly legs!

We stood watching until I got a little edgy when the other (hugely pregnant) cows became inquisitive and ambled towards us. We wandered back up the road and finished our drinks. I was shocked to see the time! “Crikey Hollie we’d better go” It was really dark by now and I took a wrong turning. The twisty little lane looked unfamiliar and was getting narrower. I stopped abruptly as it tapered off almost completely. We had found ourselves stuck in a field of cows, they were lying on either side of the track, staring at us in the darkness. My car has tinted back windows and I couldn’t see well enough to reverse. I had to carefully manoeuvre the car around them, avoiding their colossal bodies.

Looking forward to some more adventures with Hollie very soon. Not sure she is as keen though!!


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Flight, fight…… or hide?

Charlie had a friend to stay over night. I hadn’t met him before. I got up early the following morning as usual, expecting the boys to emerge much later on after staying up half the night. Still in my dressing gown with my hair tangled and dishevelled I put on a wash load and started making breakfast. What I didn’t know was Charlie’s friend had football training very early in the morning. The doorbell rang, it must be HIS DAD. I froze, I couldn’t get upstairs without running through the hall and past the front door. “Don’t answer the door yet” I hissed at Charlie who was already halfway down the stairs. “Hide in there” he suggested pointing to the utility room. I quickly leapt behind the door and curled up in a little ball next to the washing machine.

It seemed to take forever for them to leave. Eventually I allowed myself to breathe as their voices faded…….. and then grew louder again. What were they doing back in the kitchen? Charlie and his friend kept glancing down at me, they were finding the situation HIGHLY amusing. Finally I heard the dad say “Right, let’s go, Charlie thank your mother for me” I silently sighed with relief.

They were about to leave when Charlie’s friend called into the darkness of the utility room “Thankyou for having me Steph”. I shot daggers at the pair of them, furious with Charlie who was doubled over with uncontrollable laughter. Still curled up on the floor I watched the dad look around the utility room until his eyes finally rested on me. “Thank you very much”, he said trying to keep a straight face. He started to walk away and then came back. “Are you hiding?” he asked unable to contain his mirth. “Yes” I replied in a small voice, my cheeks burning with embarrassment.

The following Saturday  I was absorbed in creativity as I baked cakes, mixed sandwich fillings and chopped fruit. Again I was wearing my dressing gown, my hair unbrushed and decorated with blobs of icing. Charlie and his girlfriend walked past the kitchen window, she gave me a little wave. NO!! What’s going on? It’s too early, I look hideous. “GO AWAY!!” I shouted rudely, gesturing wildly with my arms. They didn’t go away. Charlie strode in with a huge grin on his face followed by his girlfriend clearly feeling awkward and embarrassed. I had no choice….I dived into the cupboard. “MUM?…. where are you?” He turned to his girlfriend “Oh there she is, hiding in the cupboard…..she’s weird like that.”

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Confessions of a Deranged Housewife

Any fellow insomniacs will sympathise with the mental torture that comes with sleep deprivation. Actually I go through phases and when I’m sleeping peacefully for a few weeks I forget all about it. However, with no warning, I’m struck with the inability to sleep again. I’ve tried all sorts of things from sleeping tablets to relaxation techniques…… and a combination of both!

What should happen is, I get all energetic tasks out of the way nice and early in the evening, read stories to my children before tucking them in with a tender smile. Spend an hour or so listening to panpipes while sipping a cup of camomile tea. Soak in a warm bath infused with lavender and rose essential oils before wrapping myself up in fluffy towels. Smelling delightful, greet my husband as he returns from work and serve him a delicious home cooked meal. Take myself off to a quiet bedroom, free from laptop, mobile phone and snoring dog. Ideally undisturbed by tiny people demanding drinks or spider removals.

What actually happens is, I tear around putting together lunch boxes and dashing out to replace the current favourite cereal or a couple of pints of milk. I pick up children from various activities, hopefully at the correct time, and try to insist they go to bed with no chatting, no TV, just some quiet music. One or more will come back down complaining that one or more have ‘put something sad, scary, noisy on the TV’. Or suddenly one (or more) suddenly can’t sleep with the light on/off or the room too hot/cold. I then open a bottle of wine….. stuff the herbal tea…… and drink it, slightly too enthusiastically, while discovering school letters I should have received a week ago with important information regarding projects or costumes which have to be done by TOMORROW!! I fly round with the vacuum cleaner, bashing my ankles on numerous occasions as I drag it around the house by the grey pipe, taking chunks of skirting board out as I go. Not the most relaxing way to wind down at the end of the day.

Consequently after not sleeping for more than 3 hours a night for four nights, I reached meltdown yesterday. I woke up at 3am with the birds singing their lungs out. I glared at Andy in disbelief, still fast asleep. I was furious. I threw myself around trying to get comfortable, then gave up and went downstairs and made a cup of tea. As the day went on I felt more and more …. well…. spaced out. I couldn’t concentrate. I could barely string a sentence together.

My grocery order didn’t arrive and luckily before I rang them and let rip down the phone I checked my order details. I’d booked the delivery slot for this time next week. So off we trundled to the local supermarket and bought the essentials. I managed to leave the front door open and Bob had decided to take himself off for a walk. We discovered him in somebody’s garden smelling the flowers. Thank goodness that was all he was doing. I then realised I’d left half the shopping behind. I later found it sitting neatly in a toy box.

Then the doorbell rang and the dogs went completely scatty, barking like wild animals and skidding up and down the hall. It was a delivery for Andy, a large heavy parcel. The delivery man had a thick accent which I didn’t recognise but it didn’t matter because I had only intended to sign for the parcel and shut the front door. He said “Wuzzat eem bucking?” I pretended not to hear “Wuzzat eem bucking?” he repeated” He pointed at Flynn “Eeeeeeem” OH….. HIM…… BARKING!!!

Then the phone rang. It was Andy. He was trying not to laugh. “Are you ok? I tried your mobile first. Is there no signal under the stairs?” I was confused. “You sent me some text messages, I was worried. I tried to respond but they just kept on coming” Oh yes I HAD sent some…… I’d forgotten.

Washing machine broken, has all Amber’s bedding in it. Don’t know what to do am too tired. Need bedding OUT OF MACHINE!!

Then a couple about the shopping and Bob running away and the delivery, and then:

Gonna hide under stairs in a little ball and sob till my face is covered in snot

I’d sent about 6 messages altogether. Bonkers.

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Anyone for cricket?

I’m ashamed to admit that although I’ve spent the last 9 years as a regular fixture of our local cricket club, I still don’t know the rules of cricket. Last Sunday it was my turn to do the teas. Everything was on the table; three cakes, platters of sandwiches, rolls, French bread, fruit, scones sausages, quiche and crisps. The water was boiling away in the urn and 10 teabags sat in the teapot. “Bob…. BOB…… how long have I got?” I called out to the chairman batsman. “Two more overs” he answered after glancing at the scoreboard. What sort of answer is that? “Yes but how LONG have I got?” I repeated. He paused….. “about 10 minutes Steph”

I began doing teas when Andy and Charlie used to play. They stopped but I continued. I love it but having had a year off I was pretty nervous. I got myself in a right old panic, convinced the club will be judged on the quality of my chocolate cake or how well risen my scones are. I enjoy arranging everything neatly on the table while sipping a glass of wine. The club house is quiet except for a few spectators preferring the close proximity of the bar to sitting outside. The lull before the storm. Then in they troop and I suddenly feel very tiny. Engulfed in a panic and hot sweat as I watch them fill up their plates with all the food I’ve made. What if they don’t like it? Have I made enough? Did they secretly snigger when I sloshed scalding hot water down my legs while trying to fill the teapot?  It’s such a relief once it’s all over and the table’s bare except for a few strawberry stalks!

The club is our home from home once a week all year round. The entertainment committee ensure there are various events and parties throughout the year. The children have grown up there, a couple of them took their first steps encouraged by members of all ages. I don’t know of anywhere else you can go to as a family (dogs too) and feel completely welcome and not worry about the little ones getting bored or being too noisy. It’s such a shame we are generally made to feel our children are a nuisance. I personally find it insulting to be shoved into a scruffy room away from other adults just because we happen to enjoy socialising with our well-mannered family. They have plenty of space to run around, other youngsters to play with and lots of attention from the older members who have adored watching them grow up. I’m sure it’s taught the children respect for old and young alike. And of course there is the cricket…… I’m just off to google ‘rules of cricket’

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Flynn bounces into my life

Flynn showing us his "Lotus Position"

Flynn came to live with us last Sunday. It all happened rather quickly, we had arranged for him to visit to see how he and Bob got on and an hour later he was here to stay. We had all fallen in love with his photo so we felt excited and anxious as we waited for Flynn to arrive. As soon as I heard shrieks of “THEY’RE HERE!!” I fell over myself in my scramble to get my boots on. The car door opened and a wagging bright-eyed Flynn emerged. Bob seemed extremely pleased to meet him and tried to leap into the car. We walked to our local park where Bob looked on with interest as Flynn tore round and round in huge circles of sheer delight.

Over a cup of coffee in the kitchen I put it to the vote “all those in favour of Flynn staying please raise your hand” I announced. The verdict was unanimous as all arms went straight up. Flynn’s belongings were brought in, a bit of paperwork was dealt with and that was it……we had a new dog.

The initial separation from his previous owner was quite upsetting. He ran from one end of the house to the other searching for her, nothing seemed to distract him. I decided to take him out with Bobby and this proved to be successful, a change of scenery did the trick. The strength of two dogs took me by surprise as I was dragged over the railway line and almost through the hedge.

Flynn soon made himself at home, claiming Bobby’s bed for himself and then deciding he preferred Bobby’s new replacement bed. Introduced to our neighbourhood, he immediately greeted people and dogs alike with great enthusiasm and happily explored his new territory. Bob seemed to enjoy walking as part of a ‘pack’ and I noticed his aggressive tendencies became less intense.

Flynn quickly became attached to me, he’s not daft, I feed him, I walk him and I’m always here. When Hollie asked me if she and her friend could take the dogs out one evening I had no concerns. Hollie was a major part of Bobby’s puppy training and she has natural animal empathy. But as they departed I noticed Flynn’s reluctance to leave, he kept looking back at me. I watched them walk up the road, all seemed well although Flynn was walking more slowly than usual. Ten minutes later Hollie banged on the door sobbing incoherently through floods of tears. Apparently after being let off the lead, Flynn stood still for a minute then spun around and raced back home. Hollie chased him all the way back and across a road followed by bemused but loyal Bobby. Flynn seemed delighted to have found me again and threw himself at my feet grinning with pleasure.

Once Bob realised Flynn was here to stay he became withdrawn and my bedroom became his sanctuary. Although he was still enjoying his walks and food, afterwards he’d creep away and avoid eye contact with me. In the evenings instead of relaxing on the rug in front of the fire, he curled up behind a chair.  He’s a very attentive dog, always looking intently for command or affection so it broke my heart to see him so sad. It was difficult striking a balance between helping Flynn to settle in and reassuring Bob we still love him.

While the girls were swimming I walked the dogs around the swimming pool field. It wasn’t quite long enough so we went further. A bit too far actually and I didn’t have time to drop the dogs off at home before picking the girls up. I found a place I could tie them up while still able to see them through the window. I could see Bob laying down watching the door and Flynn sitting bolt upright staring at the door. I had to go out of sight for one second, just one second as I quickly thanked the swimming instructor. In through the automatic doors flew a whirlwind of fur leaving a crowd of openmouthed adults and children in his wake. He skidded to a halt and smashed into my legs. Again Flynn grinned at me with delight. “Nothing can keep us apart Mum!” He’d chewed through his brand new “3-peaks” lead in a couple of seconds flat!

It's been a long day, "night boys"

"Hurry up Mum"

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Why dogs shouldn’t do coffee mornings

We're going in the car today..... sorry Bob

On Friday we were running a bit late for school so I decided to take the car, bringing Bobby with us too. I thought I’d drive to the woods after the children had gone in. I was waving them off when one of the mums grabbed me saying she had found some school blouses in the loft, forgot she had them, daughter now too big and would they fit Amber? And do I mind that they’re short-sleeved, at least she thinks they are but can’t remember. I said I would definitely like them but when should I pick them up?. “Well, could you walk back with me now and collect them?”

“Oh yes good idea…….NO!!!!! ….. no I can’t, Bob’s in the car, he’s sitting in the driver’s seat looking out of the window waiting for me, no I couldn’t bear the look on his face as he watches me walk straight past”
“Ok, why don’t you get the car and drive round”
“Ah good idea”

When I got there Bob jumped out of the car with me, I smiled at him “No not you Bob, won’t be long. Go on in you get, good boy” He looked at me, head on one side.
“Oh, ok…..come on then.”
Wagging his tail, he trotted off slightly ahead of me, looking back quickly to make sure he was going the right way.
“Ah, hello Steph, come in come in, I’ve got the blouses in here, have you got time to stay for a coffee, I don’t mind Bobby coming in?”
“Oh no, Bobby and I are just off to the…….actually …….yes, thanks that would be lovely”
Did you see what I did there? I’m being sociable!
Bobby went off to explore while I made myself comfortable at the kitchen table.
“Will the dog be ok with my son’s hamsters?” my friend asked absent-mindedly putting on the kettle.
I leapt off my chair “WHAT???? NO!!! No he won’t, he’ll EAT them!! Where did he go?”
He hadn’t found the hamsters, just a juggling ball thank goodness!! I discreetly checked his mouth for hamster fur though.

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I really should get out more

yummy cakes

I spend Tuesday mornings cooking at school with the Reception class. I love cooking and I adore children. And what a bonus this week … was Crystal’s Egyptian day held in the hall next to where I was cooking! We could smell the incense burning and hear the children chorus “Yes oh wise one.” One of the children in my cooking class spotted me peeking through the curtains. “Mrs Butcher, why are you looking through the curtains, you said we mustn’t disturb the big boys and girls?’
“Sorry yes, you’re right. We have to keep very very quiet. I was just having a quick look because my little girl is in there”
“Do you mean Crystal?…..she’s not little”
‘Well….no but she’s smaller than me………. be careful with that knife!” The class teacher appeared with a line of orderly children in tow.”You look as though you’re really enjoying yourself Mrs Butcher’ she commented as she breezed through with the rest of the class on their way to see baby chicks hatching in class 2. My eyes followed them enviously I want to see the baby chicks too. My group of 4-5 year olds were brilliant and finished so quickly that I was able to whip off their aprons and march us all off to class 2!!

On Thursday I had arranged to go for a pub lunch with a friend. A very rare treat! I had a lovely deep bubble bath, and then threw my entire wardrobe around my bedroom in a manic frenzy. I haven’t been out with any of my friends for SO long I was so nervous. With just half an hour to go…. I decided to paint my toenails but the only colour I could find was bright red. My hands were shaking so much I painted half my toe as well. After frantically searching the house for nail varnish remover I still couldn’t find any. Then remembered with relief I had a little pot of travel nail varnish remover wipes in my drawer somewhere. Hurling the contents of the drawer on top of the mountain of clothes, I uncovered the wipes…YESSS!!! Oh NO!!! ……the lids stuck, they haven’t been used for so long. Now I look as though the dog’s given me a pedicure. The phone’s ringing….please cancel….please cancel…..”I’ll be with you in 10 minutes”

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A strange man in my kitchen

Crystal's Egyptian costume

Last night Crystal announced that she needs an Egyptian costume for a themed day at school next Tuesday. Found the letter and indeed she does. Then the washing machine refused to drain water so I arranged for the repair man to fix it on Monday.  On the phone I could hear him flicking through his diary.”Very busy time at the moment Madam, hmmmm you’re lucky….. I might be able to pop round on Monday afternoon. Where are you again? Oh yes I remember you” What’s that supposed to mean?

While making Crystal the costume and accessories for her Egyptian day, I heard deep voices and laughter coming from downstairs. Assuming it was Charlie and his friends back from mountain bike racing, I went downstairs to see how they had got on. I glanced out of the kitchen window and saw the three of them covered in mud and oil standing over dismantled bikes. I was startled by a slightly balding man crouched down with Amber to the right of me, holding our china ‘mouse bowl’ filled with conkers. He was saying “Conker season eh?” We had conkers abundantly lined up on the work surfaces, window sills and displayed in dishes. Amber stared at him blankly and said “No, we just found them”. Assuming he was the washing machine repair man I said cheerfully “Oh hello I didn’t think you were able to …… oh never mind you’re here now” as I discreetly shoved my glass of wine behind a stack of dirty plates. He smiled and said “Yes it was on my way home from work, you’ve got a house full haven’t you, how many of them are yours?” He glanced over the breakfast bowls with muesli stuck like concrete by now and strewn all over the kitchen; “Busy day?”.

After a rather confusing conversation and due to his lack of interest as to the whereabouts of my utility room, it slowly dawned on me that he wasn’t the washing machine man after all. I didn’t know what to say and the conversation got a little bit awkward. Is he here to pick up one of Charlie’s friends? “So….erm……are you here to…..are you one of their…..?” I stammered nodding vaguely in the direction of the garden.

“Oh, right, I’ve come to pick my lad up, where did they go today? Looks as though they’ve had a good time”
OH I SEE……… I mean, yes they have…… least I think so. They’ve not been back home long” I was racking my brain trying to remember where Charlie said he was going today “WENDOVER!!” I suddenly blurted out triumphantly, wiping my forehead.

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A touch of empty nest syndrome

ahhhh..... those were the days!!

All year I’ve been preparing myself for September as if when Amber started school I would suddenly transform in front of everyone’s eyes. But nothing happened……… did I really think an old crone would pop out of the hedge as I walked back from school with a prophetic message for my destiny, or the trees would rustle and a ghostly voice would whisper “Follow your heart and beware dark stranger wearing orange overcoat”. Maybe the leaves blowing in the park would settle forming a significant letter and then rearrange themselves mysteriously into an arrow pointing to my new future. It’s the end of an era. This is the first time in my life there is no plan and I’m feeling a little bit lost.

I remember summer evenings spent enjoying a glass of wine over the fence with my neighbour when we both had toddlers. Hers all tucked up nicely in bed, mine balanced on my hip, beating me round the head with a wooden spoon. Or grocery shopping with Charlie aged 2 flinging everything out of the trolley as fast as I put it in. Popping out to the car without my keys and Charlie slamming the front door shut, locking himself and newborn Hollie in the house on their own. Reassuring me by shouting through the letterbox “Don’t worry Mummy I’m feeding her”. Me screaming frantically “NO CHARLIE, YOU MUSTN’T FEED HER!!!” and finally getting back inside the house to rescue Hollie, her tiny mouth stuffed full of smarties. It was a heartfelt wrench to put the pushchair in the shed and give away the last of the nappies!! It’s like being institutionalised for 15 years and then set free. Mind you it will nice being able to drive around without insults drawn in the dirt on my car (see photo below!)

I’m looking for more than a hobby to pass the time, I’ve got plenty of things I enjoy doing. I want more than that though, you know like a purpose, something that makes a difference to people. What if I’m here to do something really important and I’m wasting time not knowing what it is.

I’ll be expected to leave some of my old habits behind as I venture into the world of adults. No more pointing out horses, cows, diggers and fire engines in an excitable high-pitched voice. Mustn’t eat food before I’ve paid for it as I don’t have a toddler to blame any more. I’ve stopped playing ‘the wheels on the bus’ in the car and the children would like me to refrain from peering through the classroom windows, tapping on the glass and making funny faces while they’re trying to work. I am however getting better at remembering to shut the door when I use the toilet in public.

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The day Amber didn’t start school

Well so much for the super organised brand new image I had planned for the new school year!! Despite my endless lists now sitting at home with everything crossed off them and despite the children proudly walked to school sporting shiny black brand new shoes and each carrying a rucksack filled with pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers. scissors and dictionaries all named clearly as instructed in the last school letter. Healthy packed lunches and properly sewn labels in the cardigans did not save me from the embarrassment I was about to encounter.

I smiled proudly as Amber trotted along trying to keep up with her big sisters, refusing to hold my hand, being a big girl ready for her first day at school. Her little pink doggy bag on her back carrying her new plimsolIs. So puffed up with pride in fact that I failed to notice there were no other little children wearing school uniform. Until I got to school and the headmaster greeted the girls…. then looked down at Amber and said “You don’t start till Monday”.

Bless her little heart. She didn’t say anything, just smiled back him and blinked back tears. Then I overheard another mother mention that she wasn’t sure of the meeting times for the parents of children starting in Reception. WHAT?? WHAT MEETING?

Dragging Amber behind me I marched off to the school office with my flip-flops making a slapping noise, drawing attention to the mud and grass stuck to my feet. The school receptionist looked at me with a mixture of amusement and sympathy. She explained slowly that I would have received a letter explaining the changes for reception children and rather too efficiently laid her hands on her copy of the meeting times. Mine apparently was 11am and strictly between me and the teacher, Amber can’t attend. I now need somebody to look after my emotionally wrecked daughter.

By the time I left the office I realised I was still carrying Daisy’s games kit and they’d gone into class. Oh joy yet another chance to draw attention to myself!! The corridor outside the office was deadly quiet now and my flipflops slapped louder than ever as I walked. I was following the headmaster. And of course he had to turn around and wait for me to catch him up.

Something different happened next. Instead of the usual “Ahhh…..hello Mrs Butcher……”, He said “Hi Steph, how are you?” STEPH….he called me Steph!! I didn’t even know he knew my name. This threw me off guard for a moment. I tried to say something cool like “Hi Stephen, good holiday?”  but instead I blurted out “PooramberthismorningwhatamIlike” and laughed a little too loudly. I then bounded off almost forgetting Amber as I spotted Daisy and nearly knocked off her head as I swung the games kit over my shoulder.

Anyway Amber went to play with her little friend while I had my teacher/parent meeting and I enjoyed an unexpected extra day with my little girl.

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